• NHS Yoyo Reel Lanyard
  • Flat fabric
  • 15mm pre-printed lanyards with integrated YoYo badge reel
  • Length – approx. 90cm
  • Safety breakaway point
  • With rigid plastic Antimicrobial landscape card holder

NHS Badge Reel Lanyard Premium breakaway pre-printed lanyard with NHS logo which will come apart if pulled or caught in machinery.  Furthermore, the reel has a retractable cord of 70cm, to allow easy access to your card anytime you need it. In addition these can hold other small items on your person at all times.

The integrated NHS Badge Reel Lanyard is ideal for displaying ID card or passes and attaching small items such as keys or a USB memory stick.

They are ideal for carrying ID cards, Visitor passes or attaching other items such as USB memory sticks, whistles, etc.

With the yoyo being made from strong, premium materials, this NHS Ski Yoyo Badge is of high quality and a must for NHS Staff.


Please note, this product is only available for purchase by official NHS trusts and organisations. All orders placed will be checked by our team before the item is dispatched.


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